Barbados Vector Map

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Shows major geographical features such as coastline, water bodies, railroads, highways, buildings, etc. The content is a perfect data source for a large scale map. The layers consist of feature groups (e.g., Buildings -> Accommodation, Commercial, etc.) that makes customization much easier.


You receive fully-editable and feature layered map in the following formats.

Map data: © OpenStreetMap contributors.
Note, the above mentioned data sources require attribution, see license options for more details.
Style Dark Blue
AI (CS4), PDF (v1.5), PNG
127.0 x 162.4 cm (50″ x 63.9″)
7504 x 9592 px
127.0 x 162.4 cm (50″ x 63.9″)


Coordinates 13° 11' 23'' N | 59° 32' 8'' W

Transverse Mercator (NAD83 / UTM zone 21N)


Administrative Boundaries, Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Line Features, Ocean, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines


Administrative Boundaries, Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Line Features, Ocean, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines

Fonts Arial
Data Sources OpenStreetMap
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Bridgetown, Holetown, Oistins, Six Cross Roads, Speightstown...
Airy Hill, Apple Hall, Arthur Seat, Bagatelle, Bannatyne, Bathsheba, Bayfield, Belair, Belleplaine, Benthams, Bequest, Black Bess, Blackmans, Blades Hill, Boscobelle, Bottom Bay, Bowling Alley Hill, Brereton, Bridgefield, Castle Heights, Chalky Mount, Chancery Lane, Checker Hall, Cherry Grove, Church View, Church Village, Clermont, Cliff Cottage, Clifton Hill, Clinketts, Coles, Compton, Content Cot, Cottage Vale, Crab Hill, Crane, Deanes, Diamond Corner, Diamond Valley, Drax Hall, Dunscombe, Ealing Park, Eastmont, Edge Hill, Ellerton, Enterprise, Fairy Valley, Fortescue, Four Hills, Four Roads, French Village, Gall Hill, Gemswick, Glebe Land, Golden Ridge, Greenidge, Greens, Greenwich, Guinea, Hamden, Harmony Hall, Harrismith, Hillaby, Hope, Hopewell, Hothersal, Husbands, Indian Ground, Industry Hall, Lancaster, Lion Castle, Long Bay, Lynches, Market Hill, Massiah Street, Maxwell, Merricks, Mile and a Quarter, Mount Brevitor, Mount Standfast, Mount Stepney, Ocean City, Oldbury, Orange Hill, Parish Land, Pie Corner, Pool, Pothouse, Ragged Point, Redmans, Retreat, River Land, Robinsons, Rock Dundo, Rock Hall, Rose Hill, Ruby, Sherbourne, Shop Hill, Shrewbury, Silver Sands, Skeene Hill, Society, St Martins, St. Catherine`s, St. Elizabeths, St. Judes, St. Lawrence, St. Margaret's, St. Marks, Stewart Hill, Superlative, The Valley, Thicket, Thornbury Hill, Trents, Union Hall, Venture, Vineyard, Welch Town, Welches, Welchman Hall, Wellhouse, White Hill, Woodbourne...
Academia Estates, Adams Castle, Adams Castle Estate, Aerowoods, Allen View, Apple Grove Estate, Appleby Gardens, Arch Hall, Ashford, Ashford Estates, Astoria, Atlantic Breeze, Atlantic Park, Atlantic Shores, Avis Town, Bagatelle Terrace, Bakers Wood, Bannatyne Gardens, Barracks Hill, Baywoods, Belair Terrace, Bellevue, Bernice Gardens, Bird's Eye Ridge, Blades, Boarded Hall Green, Bougainvillea Estate, Bournes Land, Bow Bells Estate, Breezy Hil, Briar Hall, Bright Hill, Bryan's Road, Bulkeley Close, Bulkeley Heights, Bulkeley Meadows, Bushy Park, Cabbage Tree Green, Callendar, Cameron Park, Campaign Castle, Cane Garden, Cane Garden Crescent, Cane Garden Park, Cane Hill Terrace, Carmichael Crescent, Casuarina Estates, Casuarina Hill, Chapel, Chapel Land, Charles Rowe Bridge, Checker Hall Development, Clermont Gardens, Clermont Greens, Clermont Meadows, Clermont Terrace South, Clerpark, Clerview Heights, Clerview Heights, Stage 1, Clerview Heights, Stage 2, Clover Crescent, Coconut Hall, Coral Haven, Cottage Court, Cottage Court West, Cottage Cresecent, Cottage Gorve, Cottage Heights, Country Park Towers, Country View Estate, Countryside, Countryside South, Coverley, Cox Road, Crane Park, Crystal Court Condominiums, Crystal Heights, Dairy Meadows, Dayrells, Dayrells Commercial Park, Deacons Farm, Deanstown Heights, Deanstown Terrace, Derricks, Dodds, Dodds Land, Dover, Duncans, Durants, Ebworth, Edgehill Heights, Edgehill Terrace, Ellerton Gardens, Emerald Park East, Emerald Park West, Endeavour, Falcon Crest, Farm Road, Farm Road Terrace, Flint Hall, Fortress Hill, Forty Acres, Free Hill, Frere Pilgrim South, Friendly Hall, Friendly Hall Terrace, Garden Wall, Gibbons Terrace Stage 1, Gibbons Terrace Stage 2, Gilkes Village, Glen Acres, Glendale, Glynor Gardens, Graeme Hall Park, Graeme Hall Terrace, Grand View Cliff, Grassfield Development, Great Hill, Green Garden, Green Point, Half Moon Fort, Halton Terrace, Hanson Crescent, Hanson Heights, Harmony Circle, Harmony Estates, Harmony Hall, Harmony Lodge, Haynesville, Heron Mill, Highgate, Highland Fields, Highland Terrace North, Highland Terrace South, Highpark Meadows, Hill View Meadows, Hillside Garden, Hillside Gardens, Hindsbury Road, Holders Meadow, Hothersal Crescent, Hothersal Terrace, Husbands Crescent, Husbands Gardens, Husbands Heights, Husbands New Development, Inch Cape Terrace, Inch Marlowe, Iris Sam Gardens, Kent Ridge, Kew Land, Kingsland, Kirtons Gardens, Lears Court, Lears North, Lears Tenantry, Leslie Gardens, Little Kent, Lodge Crescent, Lodge Terrace, Long Beach Estate, Lower Estate Heights, Lower Kirtons, Lowlands Park, Lowthers, Lowthers Park, Lucas Street, Macaroni Village, Manderley Gardens, Mangrove Garden, Mangrove Park, Mangrove Terrace, Marchfield Village, Marine Gardens, Maxwell Terrace, Maycocks Terrace, Mayfield, Meadow Greens Park, Meadowvale Heights, Moncreiffe Ridge, Moonshine Ridge, Mount Friendship, Navy Gardens, Newton Industrial Park, Newton Terrace, Oakwood Park, Ocean Breeze, Ocean City, Old Chancery Lane, Old Deanestown, Oldbury Terrace, Oxnard Heights, Paradise Heights, Pegwell, Platinum Heights, Pleasant Hall, Pleasant View Terrace, Polo Villas, Porter's Gate, Porters Place, Prior Park Close, Prior Park Crescent North, Prior Park Crescent South, Prior Park Gardens, Prior Park Heights, Providence Terrace, Rendezvous Gardens, Ridgeview Estates, Rising Sun, River View, Rock Dundo Heights, Rolling Hills, Rosegate, Rowans Park, Ruby Park, Ruby Tenantry, Saint Silas, Salem Heights, Sam Lord's Castle, Sandy Acres, Sandy Hill, Sandy Hill East, Sangelica Heights, Sargeants Village, Sayes Court, Scarborough, Seaview, Sharon, Sheraton Park, Six Roads Industrial Park, Small Hope, Somerset Medows, South Ridge, Southern Heights, St. Christopher, St. Martin's Terrace, St. Matthias, Stroude Land, Sugar Hill, Sunny Meadows, Sunrise Courts, Sunset Views, The Belle, The Estates at St. George, The Farm, The Grotto, The Grove, The Palms, The Villages at Coverley, The Woods, Thorpes, Tino Terrace, Todd's Land, Upper Car, Valley View, Valley Vista, Vaucluse, Vault Road, Vauxhall, Vauxhall Gardens, Vauxhall Tenantry, Vespera Gardens, Vuemont, Walkers Park East, Walkers Park West, Walkers Terrace, Wanstead Gardens, Wanstead Terrace, Warners Gardens, Warners Park, Warners Terrace, Warrens Crescent, Warrens Heights, Warrens Park North, Warrens Park South, Warrens Terrace East, Warrens Terrace West, Water Hall, Waverly Cot, Webb Hill, Welches, Welches Estate, Welches Grove, Welches Heights, Welches Terrace, Well Gap, Whitewood Park, Windward Gardens, Yorkshire Development
Applewhaites Tenantry, Apppleby, Balls, Bank Hall, Bayland, Bayville, Belair, Belleville, Belmont, Black Rock, Boarded Hall, Bournes, Brighton, Brittons Hill, Bush Hall, Canewood, Carrington Village, Cave Hill, Charnocks, Coach Hill, Collymore Rock, Coral Glade, Cottage, Cox Road, Crane, Dalkeith, Dash Valley, Dayrells Road, Deacons, Diamond Valley, Drakes Land, Drax Hall Woods, Duncans, Durants, Eagle Hall, Eden Lodge, Edey Village, Elizabeth Park, Fairfield, Fairview, Fitts Village, Flat Rock, Fort George Heights, Foster Hall, Foul Bay, Francia Plantation, Free Hill, Frere Pilgrim, Gibbes, Good Intent, Goodland, Government Hill, Graeme Hall, Grazettes, Green Hill, Greenwich, Grove, Haggatt Hall, Halls Village, Hastings, Heddings, Hill View, Holders Hill, Hopewell, Hothersal Turning, Husbands, Ivy, Jackmans, Jamestown Park, Jericho, Jordans, Kendal, Kendal Hill, Kent, Kingsland, Kirtons, Lascelles, Lazaretto, Lead Vale, Lears, Long Bay Development, Lower Burney, Lower Carlton, Lower Collymore Rock, Lower Estate, Lower Greys, Lowlands, Lucas Street, Maxwell Hill, Melverton, Mullins, Neils, New Orleans, Newbury, Newton, Nursery, Orange Hill, Oxnards, Parish Land, Parris Hill, Paynes Bay, Pine Gardens, Porters, Prior Park, Prospect, Providence, Regency Park, Rendezvous, Rices, Roach Village, Rock Dundo, Rockley, Rowans, Ruby, Salters, Sandy Lane, Searles, Seaview, Sion Hill, Six Mens, Six Roads, Small Ridge, South District, South View, Spooners Hill, St. Barnabas, St. Davids, St. Patrick's, St. Stephens, Staple Grove, Station Hill, Stepney, Sterling, Stroude Land, Sunset Crest, Sweet Vale, The Garden, The Glebe, The Mount, The Pine, The Ridge, Thicket, Thorpes, Thyme Bottom, Tichbourne, Trents, Tudor Bridge, Two Mile Hill, Union, Upper Carlton, Upton, Walkers, Wanstead, Warners, Warrens, Waterford, Watts Village, West Terrace, Westbury, Westmoreland, Weston, Weymouth, White Hall, Whitepark, Wildey, Workhall, Workmans, Worthing
Alexandra, Alleynedale, Allmans, Apes Hill, Archers, Atlantic Park, Babbs, Bath, Bawdens, Baxters, Bayleys, Belair, Bennetts, Bentley, Beulah, Bibbys Lane, Bird's Eye Ridge, Bishops, Bissex, Bloomsbury, Blowers, Blunts, Boarded Hall, Bourbon, Bowmanston, Braggs Hill, Bright Hall, Brighton, Bromefield, Bruce Vale, Bushy Park, Buttals, Cambridge, Cane Garden, Canefield, Carmichael, Carrington, Castle, Cave Hill, Chance Hall, Christie, Church Hill, Claybury, Cliffs, Clifton, Cluffs, Coconut Grove, Coffee Gully, Colleton, Collins, Connell Town, Conset Bay, Constant, Content, Cove, Date Tree Hill, Dayrells, Dukes, Durham, Eastbourne, Eastlyn, Easy Hall, Ebenezer, Edgecumbe, Endeavour, Fairfield, Farmers, Fisherpond, Flatfield, Fort George Heights, Foster Hall, Foul Bay, Foursquare, Free Hill, Friendship, Fruitful Hill, Fustic, Gays, Gibbons, Glenburnie, Golden Grove, Grand View, Grape Hall, Graveyard, Greenpoint, Gregg Farm, Hackletons, Haggatts, Halton, Hannays, Harris, Harrisons, Heddings, Highclere, Highland, Horse Hill, Hoytes Village, Jackson, Jemmotts, Jezreel, Josey Hill, Kirtons, Lakes, Lamberts, Lemon Arbour, Little Bay, Lower Greys, Lowland, Luke Hill, Malvern, Mangrove, Mapps, Marley Vale, Martins Bay, Maycock, Maynards, Melvins Hill, Moncreiffe, Moore Hill, Moores Land, Morgan Lewis, Mount All, Mount Gay, Mount Misery, Mount Poyer, Mount Tabor, Mount View, Mount Wilton, Nessfield, New Castle, Oughterson, Padmore, Pickerings, Pleasant Hall, Porey Spring, Portvale, Proutes, Quintyne, Retreat, Rices, River Bay, Roaches, Rock Hall, Rockfield, Roebuck, Rugby, Salmond, Sanford, Sealy Hill, Seaview, Skeete's Bay, Small Town, Spa Hill, Spooners, Spring Garden, Spring Hall, Springhead, St. Bernards Village, St. Helens, St. Simons, St. Sylvans, Strong Hope, Sugar Hill, Supers, Surinam, Swampy Town, Swanns, Taitts, The Risk, Turner's Hall, Turnpike, Upper Salmonds, Walkes Springs, Walronds, Well Road, White Hill, Wilcox, Wilson Hill, Windsor, Windward Gardens, Windy Hall, Woodbourne Park, Work Hall, Yorkshire
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