Greenville Vector Map


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This figure-ground diagram (Schwarzplan, Nolli map) shows primary urban landscape components such as building footprints, streets, rail roads, land use and water areas. Depending on a region, the product may contain a raster layer with realistic shaded relief rendered in Blender. The map content is suitable for designers, architects and urban planners.


You receive fully-editable and feature layered map in the following formats.

Map data: © OpenStreetMap contributors, NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM).
Note, the above mentioned data sources require attribution, see license options for more details.
Style Figure-ground
AI (CS4), PDF (v1.5), PNG
28.0 x 28.0 cm (11″ x 11″)
3318 x 3318 px
28.0 x 28.0 cm (11″ x 11″)


Coordinates 34° 49' 47'' N | 82° 21' 39'' W

Transverse Mercator (NAD83 / UTM zone 17N)


Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Railroad Tunnels, Railroads, Road Bridges, Road Tunnels, Roads [casing], Roads [fill], Shaded Relief [raster], Water Areas, Water Lines


Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Railroad Tunnels, Railroads, Road Bridges, Road Tunnels, Roads [casing], Roads [fill], Shaded Relief [raster], Water Areas, Water Lines

Fonts Noto Sans, Noto Serif
Data Sources OpenStreetMap, SRTMGL1


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Greenville, Greer
Arcadia Hills, Augusta Road Apartments, Augusta Walk, Battery Park, Bell Roper Mountain, Belle Meade Apartments, Bellhaven Parc, Bethel Greene, Birnam Woods, Blackstone, Botany Woods, Boulder Creek Apartments, Bradford Place, Bradley Station, Brookfield East, Brookfield Townes, Brookfield West, Brookwood Commons, Butler Parc, Butler Station, Cardinal Creek, Carisbrooke, Carlton Place, Carlyle Pointe, Carolina Crossing, Carters Grove, Cascades Verdae, Charleston Walk, Chelsea Townes, Coach Hills, Court View Townhomes, Covey Hill, Del Norte, Devenger Place, Dove Tree, Dunean Mill Condominiums, Forest View at Heritage, Forrester Cove, Forrester Creek, Forrester Heights, Forrester Woods, FoxBrooke, Foxcroft, Grove Estates, Halcyon Apartments, Hampton Townes, Haywood Pointe, Highcroft, Highland Square Apartments, Highview Townes, Huntington, Indigo Pointe, Latimer Square, Laurel Creek Reserve, Legacy Haywood, Lexington Place, Lion's Gate, Madison Park, Maggie's Meadow, Main Street Village, Market Point Townes, Markley Place, McDaniel Heights Condominiums, Melrose, Merrifield Park, Midtown Pelham Apartments, Miller Place Court, Mills Mill Reserve, Monte Carlo MHC, Mountain Brook, Nicholtown Green at Heritage, North Main, Northway Apartments, Novo Mauldin, Oak Grove Estates, Oak Pointe, Overlook Apartments, Overture Greenville, Palisades at Howell Road, Palisades at the Park, Palmetto Downs, Park Place on Hudson, Parkland Townes, Pelham Creek, Pelham Estates, Pelham Oaks, Pelham Woods, Pilgrims Point, Pine Forest, Plantation Greene, Plantation on Pelham, Preserve At Woods Lake, Prestige Terrace, Quail Creek, Quail Ridge, Ridgeway Cottages, Rocky Creek Estates, Rogers Valley Heights, Roper at Pelham, Savannah Homes, Silverleaf, Smithwood, South Ridge, Spring Forest, Springs at Laurens Road, Stonefield Cottages, Stratham Place Apartments, Stratton Place, Sugar Creek, Summer Place, Terra Oaks, Terrain at Haywood, The Arbors at Brookfield, The Chimneys Apartments, The Commons at Butler, The Cottages at Chanticleer, The Cove at Butler Springs, The Gallery at West Greenville, The Lofts at Woodside Mill, The Lofts of Greenville, The Ravines at Spring Mill, The Townes at Cardinal Creek, The Villas At Oak Grove, The Vista, Thistledown, Tindal Place, Tinsley Place, Town Park Condominium, Townes at Pelham, Townes at Pine Grove, Trailside Verdae, Tuscan Woods, Twin Lake Cottages, Velo Verdae Apartments, Village at Green Meadows, Waterford Park, Waterleaf at Keys Crossing, Waterstone Cottages, Watson Orchard, West End, Whispering Meadows, Whispering Pines, Woodberry, Woodland Park at Cleveland Forest, Woodside Cotton Mill Village Historic District, Woodside Eleven Apartments, Woodwinds, Wyndham Place...
Alta Vista, Athelone Heights, Augusta Acres, Barksdale, Belle Meade, Belmont Heights, Biltmore, Bird Fields, Boyce Lawn, Brandon, Broadmoor, Brookforest Estates, Carver Park, Cavalier Heights, Cavalier Woods, Cedar Lane Gardens, Chanticleer, Chestnut Hills, City View, Cleveland Forest, Club Forest, College Heights, Collins Creek, Conestee, Crescent Landing Apartments, Crescentwood Village, Cunningham Acres, Cutler Ridge, Dellwood, Donaldson Heights, Dreher Colony, Dunean, East Gantt, East Highland Estates, Elleston Acres, Evergreen Place, Fairfield Acres, Forest View, Forestdale Heights, Franklin Hills, Gantt, Gilstrap Heights, Glendale, Glenwood Acres, Gower Estates, Hampton Forest Apartments, Hermitage Hills, Hillsborough, Holly Springs, Hudson Acres, Isaqueena Park, Isbell Heights, Judson, Kendall Green, Kingsgate, Knollwood, Lake Forest, Lake Forest Heights, Lake Taro, Lakeside, Laurel Heights, Leawood, Liberty Park, Magnolia Acres, Marshall Forest, McSwain Gardens, Merchant Estates, Monaghan, Montclair, Montclaire, Morningside, Mountain View Homes, Nicholtown, North Acres, North Hills, North Side Heights, Northgate, Northwood, Overbrook, Paramount Park, Park Place, Parkins Lake, Pine Hill Village, Pine Knott Forest, Pleasant Valley, Riverside, Rockvale, Rogers Valley Heights, Roosevelt Heights, Rosedale, Roseman Heights, Royal Oaks, Sampson, Sans Souci, Sherwood Forest, Smith Heights, South Forest Estates, Stone Lake, Stone Lake Heights, Summer Woods, Summerwoods, The Vintage Apartment Homes, Timberlake, Traxler Park, University Heights, Verdin Estates, Wade Hampton Gardens, Walden Pond, Wellington Green, West Gantt, West Greenville, White Oak, Wildaire, Woodfield Heights, Woodfields, Woodhedge, Woodside
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