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Shows major geographical features such as coastline, water bodies, railroads, highways, buildings, etc. The content is a perfect data source for a large scale map. The layers consist of feature groups (e.g., Buildings -> Accommodation, Commercial, etc.) that makes customization much easier.


You receive fully-editable and feature layered map in the following formats.

Map data: © OpenStreetMap contributors.
Note, the above mentioned data sources require attribution, see license options for more details.
Style Dark Blue
AI (CS4), PDF (v1.5), PNG
171.7 x 208.0 cm (67.6″ x 81.9″)
8316 x 10076 px
171.7 x 208.0 cm (67.6″ x 81.9″)


Coordinates 38° 1' 42'' N | 84° 28' 14'' W

Transverse Mercator (NAD83 / UTM zone 16N)


Administrative Boundaries, Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Line Features, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines


Administrative Boundaries, Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Line Features, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines

Fonts Arial
Data Sources OpenStreetMap
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Georgetown, Lexington, Midway, Nicholasville, Paris, Wilmore...
Georgetown, Nicholasville
Academic Core, Adena Ridge, Alton Estates, Andover, Andover Forest, Apple Creek Farms, Ashland Park, Autumn Ridge, Aylesford, Banbury Hunt, Beaumont Park, Bell Court, Blackford Oaks Place, Boston, Bradford Place, Brigadoon, Brighton East, Brighton Woods, Brookview, Brucetown, Calumet, Canewood, Cardinal Valley, Carlsan Springs, Carrick Pike Estates, Cassidy Heights, Castlewood, Cherokee Park, Chilesburg, Claymont Drive, Clayton Acres, Constitution, Copperfield, Craigmoor Estates, Creekside at Andover, Davis Bottom/Southend Park, Deerfield, Deshea, Dream Chase Estates, East End, East Main Estates, Eastland, Elizabeth Street, Elkhorn Glen, Elkhorn Meadows, Ellerslie, Elsmere Park, Equestrian Estates, Etterwood, Fayette Park, Gatewood, Glendover, Gleneagles, Golf View Estates, Green Acres-Hollow Creek-Breckinridge, Greenbrier, Greg Page, Hambrick Place, Hamburg, Harmony Ridge, Harrods Park Townhouse, Headley Green, Heritage Estates, Hidden Valley, Hill 'n Dale, Home Place, Homestead Estates, Hume Road Neighborhood, Hunterfield, Indian Acres, Indian Hills, Ironworks Estates, Kenwick, Lake Forest Estates, Lancaster Heights, Lancelot, Lansdowne, Lansdowne-Merrick, Longview Estates, Martin Luther King, Mason Headley, McClelland Springs, McClelland View, McMeekin, Meadow Park, Meadows/Loudon, Merry Wives of Greenbriar, Midway Estates, Mitchell Avenue, Morgan Mill, Mount Vernon, Mulberry Hill, North Elizabeth Street, Northside, Old Armstrong, Open Gates, Parkers Landing, Parkside, Pasadena, Paynes Crossing, Paynes Landing, Pemberley Cove, Peninsula, Penmoken Park, Picadome, Quinnland Estates, Richfield Farms, Rocky Creek Farms, Rocky Creek Reserve, Rosemill, Saddle Club, Scroggins Park, Seven Parks, Shadeland East, Skycrest, Sleepy Hollow Station, South Broadway Park, South Hill, Southern Heights, Southgate, Southland Park, Southpoint, Speigle Heights, Sterling Valley, Still Meadow, Stoenybrook, Stone Horse Estates, Stonecrest, Stuart Hall, Sutton Place, The Colony, The Colony IV, The Enclave, The Lane, The Mansion Estates, Todds Station, Tuscany, Twin Oaks, Victoria Estates, Villages Of Elkhorn Green, Vine Grove, Violet’s Trace, Walnut Ridge, Ward Hall Estates, West Gardenside, Western Suburb, WGPL, White Oak Village, Woodland Triangle, Woodlands, Woodward Heights, Zandale
Athens, Avon, Baralto, Becknerville, Blue Grass, Blueberry Hill, Boonesborough, Bracktown, Brannon, Brighton, Brookhaven, Bryan Station, Cadentown, Cardinal Hill, Catnip, Centerville, Chevy Chase, Chilesburg, Clabber Bottom, Coletown, Columbus, Davistown, Deep Springs, Dixie Plantation, Dixon Town, Donerail, East Hickman, Eastland, Elk Chester, Elkhorn Parks, Elmendorf, Fairway, Faywood, Fenwick, Fort Spring, Frogtown, Gainesway, Garden Springs, Gardenside, Gaybourn, Great Crossing, Greendale, Hanly, Herdon, Hermitage Hills, Hi-Acres, Highlands, Holiday Hills, Hollywood, Hootentown, Hutchison, Idle Hour, Indian Hills, Jessamine, Jimtown, Jonestown, Keene, Kenawood, Kingston, Lakeview Acres, Lexington Manor, Liberty Heights, Lisletown, Little Georgetown, Little Texas, Locust Grove, Logana, Loradale, Mattoxtown, Meadowthorpe, Montclair, Monterey, Monticello, Montrose, Mount Vernon, Muir, Nealton, New Zion, Nihizertown, Northland, Old Pine Grove, Paynes, Paynes Depot, Peak, Pine Grove, Pine Meadows, Pinehurst, Pisgah, Pricetown, Radcliffe, Rookwood, Russell Cave, Sandersville, Shadeland, Shawneetown, South Elkhorn, Southeastern Hills, Spears, Spindletop Estates, Stonewall Estates, Stoneybrook, Tebbs, Thoroughbred Acres, Union Mills, Uttingertown, Valley View, Van Meter, Viley, Vineyard, Walnut Hill, Warrenton, Westmoreland, Wyandotte, Yarnallton, Zandale, Zion Hill
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