Quezon City Vector Map

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Shows major geographical features such as coastline, water bodies, railroads, highways, buildings, etc. The content is a perfect data source for a large scale map. The layers consist of feature groups (e.g., Buildings -> Accommodation, Commercial, etc.) that makes customization much easier.


You receive fully-editable and feature layered map in the following formats.

Map data: © OpenStreetMap contributors.
Note, the above mentioned data sources require attribution, see license options for more details.
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AI (CS4), PDF (v1.5), PNG
78.9 x 104.7 cm (31.1″ x 41.2″)
4693 x 6224 px
78.9 x 104.7 cm (31.1″ x 41.2″)


Coordinates 14° 40' 58'' N | 121° 3' 42'' E

Transverse Mercator (WGS 84 / UTM zone 51N)


Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Line Features, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines


Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Line Features, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines

Fonts Arial
Data Sources OpenStreetMap
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Marikina, Pasig
San Mateo
Camella Altezza, Christ The King, Malanday, Riza Village
386, 895, Aklan, Alecon Homes, Amabelle, Amang Rodriguez Village, Amityville Subdivision, Angelina A. Santos Compound, Antipolo Valley, Araneta University Village, Araneta Village, Area 6, Area 7a, Asiatic Estate, Asterville Subdivision, Asteville, Avida Towers San Lazaro, Azicate Homes, Bagong Lipunan ng Crame, Bagong Silang, Balagtas, Bancom, Bankers Village, Banlat, Barangay 100, Barangay 101, Barangay 102, Barangay 104, Barangay 121, Barangay 122, Barangay 123, Barangay 124, Barangay 125, Barangay 126, Barangay 127, Barangay 128, Barangay 129, Barangay 130, Barangay 131, Barangay 132, Barangay 133, Barangay 134, Barangay 135, Barangay 136, Barangay 137, Barangay 138, Barangay 139, Barangay 140, Barangay 141, Barangay 142, Barangay 143, Barangay 144, Barangay 145, Barangay 146, Barangay 147, Barangay 148, Barangay 149, Barangay 150, Barangay 151, Barangay 152, Barangay 153, Barangay 154, Barangay 155, Barangay 156, Barangay 157, Barangay 158, Barangay 495, Barangay 584, Barangay 82, Barangay 83, Barangay 85, Barangay 87, Barangay 89, Barangay 92, Barangay 93, Barangay 94, Barangay 95, Barangay 96, Barangay 97, Barangay 99, Barreto Subdivision, Barrio Obrero, Barrio San Isidro, Barrios Compound 1, Bayan, Benitez Residences, Better Homes Subdivision, Bicol brigade, Biglang Awa Compound, Blue Ridge B, Bonanza Neighborhood, Bonifacio Compound, Botocan, BRAI - Area 10, Breezy Subdivision, Brentwood ParkHomes, Brilliant Village, Burger Machine Housing, Burol, Cabatuhan, Cadaing, Caloocan Industrial Subdivision, Camarin Phase 6, Camella Avisea, Capitol Hills, Carlaville, Carmel 3, Carmel 5, Casimiro Homes, Catalina Subdivision, Cd Village, Celia Subdivision, Celina Homes 1, Centro, Christ the King Village, Christina Court Subdivision, Christine Village, Citation Homes, Citiplaza 3 Annex, Ciudad Grande II, Ciudad Grande Subdivision, Clairemont Hills, Commonwealth Village, Congress Village, Congressional Subdivision, Congressional Village, Consolidated Subdivision, Constatino Subdivision, Corinthian Place, CVS Homes 1, CVS Homes 2, Daang Bakal, DABBA Village, Daez Subdivision, Damayang Lagi, De Castro, De Castro Subdivision, De Leon Compound, Del Nacia Ville 1, Del Rey Ville 2, Dela Costa Village, Demitillo, Deparo, Deparo Subdivision, Dolmar Golden Hills II, Domigpe Compound, Dominador Asis Compound, Domingo Compound, Don Enrique Heights, Doña Amada, Doña Helen Subdivision, Doña Juana Subdivision 3, E. Bernardino Village, East Bel-Air Residences, East Triangle, Eastville, Eastwood City, Emerald Village, Encenaration, Ermitaño, Escopa Ⅲ, Esperanza Heights, Estanislao Compound, F. Demetillo Compound, Felicidad Village 3, Fortune Star City Condominium, Fortune Village 5, Fortune Village 6, Fortune Village 7, Garden Island Condoville, Gardenia Homes, Geronimo Compound, Gilmar Executive Subdivision, Gilmore, Gloria Subdivision 5, Goldhill Place Townhomes, Gomez Subdivision, Good Harvest Park Subdivision Phase 2, Goodrich Village, Grace Village, Green Acres, Green Fields 1 Subdivision, Green Meadows Subdivision, Grem Village, Grem Ville Phase 2, Gruar Phase 1, GSIS Metrohomes, GSIS Village, Hacienda Heights, Hamilton Place, Harapin ang Bukas, Heroes Hill, Hilda Village, Hiyas Homes Subdivision, Holy Family Village, Horseshoe Village, Imelda Village, Immaculate Conception, Isabelita, Jem 7, Jordan Plaines Phase III, Josefinal Village, Joyville, JRA Subdivision, Jurado Compound, Kabayanan, Kaingin Compound, Kalayaan Village, Kalikasan Hills, Kampo Dos, Kangkong, Kapatid Subdivision Phase 1, Karangalan Village, Kasama Step Up Community, Kasibulan Village, Kawayan Village, Kimco, Kingstown Executive Enclaves, Kingsville Court, Kingsville Subdivision, Krus na Ligas, La Casa Via, La Colina Subdivision, La Forteza Phase I, La Forteza Phase II, La Huerta Subdivision, La Jota Subdivision, La Pacita;Purok Maligaya, Lamar Village, Landcom, Lazaro Soriano Subdivision, Lemaville roque 1, Libis, Litex Village, Lopezville Subdivision, Lot 11, Lower Paraiso, Lower Sampaguita, Lucky Homes, Luntala Valle Verde, Lupang Pangako, Maginhawa Village, Magno, Makawili, Malaya, Maligaya, Maligaya Village, Manggahan Village, Manotok Subdivision, Mapayapa Village 2, Maria Soledad Subdivision, Mariblo, Maries Village II Phase 1, Marikina East Subdivision, Marikina Greenheigts, Marikina Heights Subdivision, Marist Village, Martin Compound, Marvi Hills, Masagana, Masambong, Masinag, Maytunas, Mearle Subdivision, Mediterranean Heights Phase 1, Meiling Village, Mendez, Mendoza, Mendoza Village, Merry Homes 2, Merry Homes 2b, Metro Manila Hills Subdivision, Metrovilla Center, Metrovilla Centre Executive Village, Midland Manor, Midtown Subdivision, Modesta Village, Molave Executive Town Homes, Molave Subdivision, Montalban Heights, Monterey Hills 2 Subdivision, Monterey Hills 3 Subdivision, Morales, Morning Breeze Subdivision, Mount Carmel Homes, Mountain View Village, MWSS Balara Homesite, Natividad Subdivision, Nayong Kanluran, New Marikina Subdivision, Nicasio Homes, Nile Subdivision, Nopre Residence, North Triangle, Northcrest Subdivision, Northern Bayview Hills, Northville 1B, Northville 2B, Nova Romania Phase 1, NUFC, Oak Residences, Ochoa Apartments, Octagon Village Phase 3, Onse, Oro Vista Subdivision, Paang Bundok, Pabaya Compound, Pacopandana Executive Homes, Pag-asa, Pag-asa Homesite, Paliparan Subdivision, Palmera Homes 4, Paradise Village, Paraiso Village, Paramount Executive, Parkland Estates, Pasong Malapad, Phase 10, Phase 1-A Sub Urban, Phase 3, Phase 3-B, Phase 3C Santo Niño, Phase 4, Phase 7, PHHC-Camarin Subdivision Area A, PHHC-Camarin Subdivision Area B, PHHC-Camarin Subdivision Area D, Phil-Am, Phil-Am Life Homes, Philcom, Philvirra Homes, Pipeline, PLC Subdivision, Pleasant Hills, Pleasant View, Pleasant Village, Pook Palaris, Prodon Subdivision, Progreso, Progressive Village, Purok 4, Purok 41, Purok 4-A, Purok Ⅱ, Ramdale Homes, Ramer Village, Ramonte Heights, Ramos Compound, Ramos Village, Rancho 1, Real Village 1, Recomville, Recomville 2, Residenza, Residenza II, Richland 1 Subdivision, Richland 5 Subdivision, Rivera, Rivera Court, Riverside II Subdivision, Riverside Village, Rodeanna, Rodeanna Compound 5, Rodriguez Compound, Rolling Hills Village, Roxas Circle Subdivision, Ruby Ville 2, Sacred Heart Subdivision, Saint Bernadeth Homes, Saint Dominic I, Saint Gregory Village, Saint Joseph, Saint Joseph Village, Saint Joseph Ville, Saint Jude, Saint Mary's Village II, Salapan, Salvador C. Biglang-awa, Samaka Compound, Sampaguita Subdivision, San Agustin Subdivision, San Agustin Village, San Isidro Village, San Jose, San Jose Village, San Mateo Park Homes, San Miguel Heights, San Miguel Heights Subdivision, San Miguel Homes, San Miguel Village, San Pedro Compound 10, San Perfecto, San Vicente, Sandem Homes, Santa Fe Subdivision, Santa Perpetua Village, Santo Cristo, Santo Cristo Compound, Santo Niño, Santo Niño Phase 7, Santo Nino Phase II, Santo Tomas Village 4, Santo Tomas Village 6, Santo Tomas Village 7, Scout Area, Sen Subdivision, Shelter Ville Subdivision, Shining Hope Phase 1, Signal Corps, Silanganan Subdivision, Sitio 2, Sitio Pajo, Sitio Palanas, SM Homes, Solar Urban Homes North, Sonia Subdivision, South Green Park, Spring Village, Sss Village Phase-1, St. DominicⅡ, St. Pauline Homes, St. Scholastica's Village, Sulok, Summer Homes, Sunnyville 2, Sunrise Compound, Sunrose Ville, Talanay, Tamara Lane, Tanguile Homes Phase 2, TCEV 1, TCEV 2, TCEV 3, Teachers Village, Teremil, The Bellefonte, The Tropics 1, The Tropics 2, Thunderbird Subdivision, Tolentino Compound, Town & Country Executive Village, Tropics 3 Filinvest East Homes, Tuscany garden, Twin Rivers Subdivision, Union Village, Upao Residence, V. V. Soliven Homes, Valdez Compound, Valentino Subdivision, Valenzuela View, Valle Verde 4, Valle Verde 5, Valle Verde 6, Valle Verde 6-B, Varcity Center, Victoria, Victoria Homes, Victoria Place Subdivision, Victoria Village, Villa Alegria Subdivision, Villa Alicia 1, Villa Ana Maria, Villa Angelica, Villa Cecilia, Villa Ceseni, Villa Corazon, Villa Corina, Villa Corsica, Villa Crystal, Villa Estrella Subdivision, Villa Florencia Subdivision, Villa Gracia Homes, Villa Luz Compound, Villa Magdalena 1, Villa Magdalena 2, Villa Magdalena 3, Villa Maria, Villa Olympia Townhomes, Villa Reform 3, Villa Sabina, Villa San Mateo, Villa San Mateo 2, Villa San Mateo 3, Villa Socorro Subdivision, Villa Sole Condominium, Villa Vienna, Village B, Villarica, Virgilio delos Santos, Vista Rio Subdivision, Vista Verde North, Vista Verde North Executive Village, VVEV Phase 4, VVEV Phase 6, Whispering Palms Subdivision, Xavierville III, Zenaida M Subdivision 2, Zenaida Subdivision, Zuñiga Compound
Bago Bantay, Bagong Barrio East, Bagong Barrio West, Bagong Silang, Balintawak, Camarin, Cubao, Diliman, Grace Park East, La Loma, Libis Baesa/Reparo, New Manila, Pandacan, Project 1, Project 2, Project 3, Project 4, Project 6, Project 8, Sampaloc, San Francisco del Monte, San Miguel, Santa Mesa, Santa Mesa Heights, Santa Quiteria, Scout Area
Romarosa Gem Village
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