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Shows major geographical features such as coastline, water bodies, railroads, highways, buildings, etc. The content is a perfect data source for a large scale map. The layers consist of feature groups (e.g., Buildings -> Accommodation, Commercial, etc.) that makes customization much easier.


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161.1 x 149.7 cm (63.4″ x 58.9″)
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161.1 x 149.7 cm (63.4″ x 58.9″)


Coordinates 35° 50' 22'' N | 78° 38' 39'' W

Transverse Mercator (NAD83 / UTM zone 17N)


Administrative Boundaries, Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Line Features, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines


Administrative Boundaries, Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Line Features, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines

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Cary, Durham
Apex, Cary, Clayton, Garner, Knightdale, Morrisville, Rolesville, Wake Forest...
1830 Associates, 5401 North, A. C. Barefoot, A. L. Spaugh, Abbington Ridge, Abbington Ridge Townhomes, Acres of Space Mobile Home Park, Adams Mountain, Adams Park, Adams Ridge, Addison Reserve, Adelaid Crenshaw, Alanda, Albright, Aldene E. Creech, Alexander Place Townhomes, Alexandria Square, All Star Mobile Home Park, Allen T Stevens, Allenbrook, Allister North Hills, Alpine Creek Estates, Alpine Estates, Alpine Forest, Alstonburg, Alyson Pond, Amanda Estates, Amberfield, Ambience Place, Ammondale, Anderson Forest, Anderson Heights, Anderson Place, Anderson Pointe, Anderson Pointe Park Townhomes, Anderson Pointe Townhomes, Andover, Andrews, Andrews Chapel, Annie's Woods, Ansleigh, Anthony Property, Apollo Heights, Applecross Townhomes, Applegate at Planters Walk, Appleton Acres, Arbor at Harrington Grove, Arbor Chase, Arden Forest, Arden Woods Apartment Homes, Ardmore at Reedy Creek, Arlington Hills, Arlington Place, Arnold Hills, Arrowood Hills, Ashborough, Ashcroft Townhomes, Ashebrook, Ashebrook at Planters Walk, Ashland Place Apartments, Ashleigh Place, Ashley Hills, Ashley Park, Ashley Place, Ashley Ridge, Ashton Hall Townhomes, Ashworth Estates, Ashworth Townes, Aspenwald, Athena Woods, Athens Drive Townhomes, Athens Grove, Athens Wood, Atherton, Atlantic Place Condominiums, Auburn Hills, Auburn Village, Audubon Parc Apartments, Augusta Crossing, Augusta Landings, Augusta Philbrick, Aurum Falls River By Cortland, Austin Creek, Auston Grove Apartment Homes, Autumn Hill, Autumn Ridge, Autumn Ridge Apartment Homes, Avalaire, Avallon, Avalon Peaks, Avanlea, Avenshire, Averette Farms, Averette Ridge, Avery Park, Avington Place, Avondale, Avondale Apartments, Avonlea Apartments, Aztec Park, Bailey Grove, Bailey Land, Baileycroft, Bailey's Creek, Bailey's Hill, Bailey's Landing, Bakersfield, Baltusrol at Hedingham, Banbury Woods, Barber Section of Budleigh, Barclay Downs, Barclay Manor, Barecliff, Barlow, Barony Overlook, Barrington Village, Barrington Woods, Barsanlaw Acres, Barton Creek Farms, Bartons Creek Bluffs, Bartons Creek Forest, Bartons Creek Overlook, Bartons Grove, Bashford Ridge, Battery at High House, Battery Heights, Battle Ridge, Battle Ridge North, Bay Leaf Farm, Baybridge Park, Baybrook, Bayfield, Bayleaf Estates, Bayleaf Forest, Bayleaf Ridge, Bayleaf Trail, Baytree, Baywood Forest, Beachwood, Beachwood Park, Beacon Grove, Beacon Lake, Beacon Village, Beasley Heights, Beaver Dam Heights, Beaver Pond, Beckana, Beckanna Apartments, Bedford, Bedford at Falls River, Bedford Heights, Beechtree, Beechwood, Belair, Belden, Bell Estates, Bell Preston Reserve, Bella Vista, Bellair Condominiums, Bellair Townes Townhomes, Belle Meade Estates, Bellevue Terrace, Belmont Ridge, Belvidere Park, Bembridge, Bend of the Barton, Benedum, Bennett Park, Bennett Place, Bennett Woods, Bennington, Bent Creek Townhomes, Bent Tree South, Bentley Ridge, Bentley Woods, Berkeley Spring Senior Rental Housing, Berkshire Downs, Berkshire Downs West, Berkshires on Lynn Lake Apartments, Berkshires on Millbrook Apartment Homes, Bessie Wilson, Bexley at Brier Creek, Bexley at Weston, Biltmore Hills, Birchfalls, Birchwood Gardens, Birchwood Hills, Birchwood Hills Estates, Birklands, Bishop's Grant, Black Horse Run, Blackwolf Run at Hedingham, Blaire Woods, Blake Land, Blenheim Place, Bloomsbury, Bloomsbury Park, Blount Street Commons, Blue Moon Ridge, Blueberry Forest, Bluffridge at Greystone, Bluffs at Harrington Grove, Bluffs East, Boneck Property, Bonnell Patio Homes, Booth, Boulder Creek, Boulevard Park, Bournemouth Heights, Bowling Green, Boxwood, Boylan Apartments, Boylan Heights, Bradford Crossing Apartments, Bradley Park Condominiums, Braefield, Braeloch, Brandemere, Brandermill, Brandon Station, Brandwine, Brandywood, Branson, Brass Lantern, Brassfield, Brassfield Pond, Breeland Park, Brentwood, Brentwood Estates, Brentwood Today, Brentwood Village Apartments, Brentwood Villas, Brewer's Glynn, Briar Stream Run, Briarcliff, Briarcliff West, Briarwood, Briarwood North, Brickettwood Apartments, Brickhouse Land, Bridgepoint North, Bridgepoint South, Bridgeport Apartments, Bridgeton Park, Bridgeton Point, Bridgewater, Bridle Run, Brier Creek Country Club, Brier Creek Townhomes, Brier Creek Village Center, Brighton, Brighton Woods, Brightwater, Brightwood Trails, Brittany Estates, Brittany Woods, Broadlands, Brook Crossing, Brook Forest Townhomes, Brookdale, Brookdale The Heritage of Raleigh Independent Senior Living, Brookfield Station, Brookgreen, Brookgreen Forest, Brookhaven, Brookhaven West, Brooklyn Hills, Brookridge Estates, Brooks at Maybrook Crossing, Brookshire, Brookside VillageTownhomes, Brookstone, Brookview (Tiny Town), Brookwood, Brown Place, Brown-Birch Apartments, Brownstone Village, Brownstones at Bentley Ridge, Bryarton, Bryarton Village Townhomes, Bryn Athyn at Six Forks Apartments, Bryn Mawr, Brynnan Place, Bryson, Buckhurst, Buckhurst West, Buckingham, Buckingham Manor, Budleigh, Budleigh Forest, Bunch Trailer Park, Burtrose, Byron & Virginia Kirkland, Byrum Woods, C. H. Bostian, C. J. Lassiter, Caddell Woods, Calender, Calloway on the Green, Cambridge, Cambridge Apartment Homes, Cambridge Corner, Cambridge Forest, Cambridge Oaks Townhomes, Cambridge Woods, Cambridge Woods at Kildaire Farms, Camden Crossing, Camden Forest, Camden Lake Pine, Camden Overlook Apartments, Camden Park, Camelot Village, Cameron Court Apartments, Cameron Village, Cameron Village Condominiums, Caminos Drive, Campbell Property, Campbell Woods, Campus Crossings, Canada, Canadero, Cannon Ridge Townhomes, Canterbury Woods, Capital City Heights, Capital Towers, Capital Towers II, Capitol Heights, Caraleigh Mills Condominiums, Carbon Hills, Cardinal Grove, Cardinal Hills, Cardinal Park, Carlswood Farm, Carlton Heights, Carlton Park, Carlton Place Apartments, Carlton Square, Carlyle @ Falls Lake, Carmel Crossing, Carmell Forest, Carnegie Park Townhouses, Carolina Country Club Property, Carolina Pines, Carolton, Carolton Pointe, Carousel Park, Carr Hills, Carriage Bluffs, Carriage Hills, Carriage Place, Carriage Run, Carriage Woods, Carrie's Meadow, Carries Reach, Carrington Ridge Townhomes, Carrington Woods, Carroll Register Jackson, Carrollton Woods, Carter's Mill Townhomes, Cary Heights, Cary Pines, Casa del Sol Apartment Homes, Castle Pines at Hedingham, Castle Ridge, Castleberry, Castlebrook, Catherine J. Norwood, Catherwood Place, Caveness Farms Apartments, Cedar Creek, Cedar Crest New Life Center, Cedar Grove at Wakefield Plantation, Cedar Hills Estates, Cedar Pointe Condominiums, Cedar Valley, Cedar Village, Cedar Woods, Cedarfield, Cedarwoods Country Estates, Celebration Square, Center Creek Cluster Homes, Centerview at Crossroads, Century Tryon Place Apartments, Cephalonia Gardens, Chadleigh Pointe, Chadstone Townhomes, Chadwick Townhomes, Chalfant, Chamberlain-Harris, Chambers & Warlick, Incorporated Property, Chandler Farms, Chandler Hills, Chandler Place Condominiums, Chandler Pointe, Charles A. Poe, Charles C. Murray Property, Charles Sedberry & Harold Coley Property, Charleston Homes at Alexander Place, Charleston Oaks at North Ridge, Charleston Park, Chartwell, Chase Court, Chastain, Chasteal Trails, Chateau Ridge, Chatsworth, Chedington at Claridge, Chelmshire Downs, Chelsea, Chesapeake Condominiums, Chesapeake Landing Condominiums, Chesapeake Pointe Condominiums, Chesterfield Village, Chestnut Hills, Chestnut Hills Estates, Chestnut Oaks, Cheswick, Cheverly, Chimney Rise, Chimney Rise Townhomes, Chippenham Square, Christmas Property, Churchill, Churchill Downs, Churchill Woods, Cimarron, Cimarron Forest Pointe, Clairmont at Brier Creek Apartments, Clandon Forest, Claridge, Claridge Place, Clark & Gordon Smith, III, Claude Goodman, Jr. Property, Clear Springs, Cliff Creek, Clover Lane Townhomes, Cloverdale, Club Drive, Coachmans Trail, Cobble Creek, Cobblestone, Cobblestone Townhomes, Cold Springs Estates, Coldwater Springs, Coles Creek at Weatherstone, Colewood Acres, Coley Forest, Coley Lakes, Coley Land, Coley Park, Colinwoods, College Crest, College Manor, College Park, College View, Collingswood, Colon Heights, Colonial Grand at Crabtree Apartments, Colonial Heights, Colonial Townhomes, Colony Woods, Commons at Harrington Grove, Commonwealth Estates, Compound at Bartons Creek, Comstock Landing, Concannon Townhomes, Cooper's Glen, Copper Ridge Townhomes, Copperfield, Cornerstone Park, Cornwall Village, Coronado Village, Cottages at Whitaker, Cottages of Stonehenge, Cotton Place, Cottonwood, Country Club Hills, Country Club View, Country Club Villa, Country Club Villas, Country Crossing, Country Forest, Country Life Estates, Country Pines, Country Ridge Estates, Country Squire Estates, Country Woods Estates, County Home Land, Courtney Pines of Kildaire Farms, Courtney Place, Courtney Place Apartment Homes, Courtyards at Oak Grove, Coventry, Coventry Glen, Coventry Woods, Crabtree Forest, Crabtree Heights, Crabtree Woods, Crag Burn at Hedingham, Crawford Property, Creedmoor Crest, Creekside at Bethpage, Creekside Mobile Village, Crenshaw Forest, Crenshaw Hall, Crenshaw Hall Plantation, Crenshaw Manor, Crenshaw Park Apartments, Crescent Arbors Apartment Homes, Crescent Ridge, Crest At Brier Creek, Crest Mist Manor, Crestview, Crestwood, Cross Gate, Cross Link Hills, Cross Link Trace, Crossings at Heritage Apartments, Crossmoor, Crosstowne, Crosswinds, Crown Crossing, Crown Pointe, Cumberland Cove Apartments, Curman E Martin, Currituck Hills, Curtis Drive, Cymen Commons, Dacian Valley, Dacus Place, Dairyland, Dale S. Ward Property, Danbury, Dandridge Downs, Dansforth, Darien Place, Dartmoor, Dave and Johanna Postlethwait, David & Jean Smoot, David M. Smoot, Davis, Davis Land, De Vintage, Deacon's Ridge, Deauville at Wakefield Plantation, Deblyn Park, Debnam, Debra Forest, Deer Trail, Deerchase, Deerfield at Eaglechase, Del Webb Carolina Arbors, Delta Ridge, Delta Ridge Townhomes, Delta Ridge Townhouses, Depot Historic Distric, Depot Historic District, Devinshire Downs, Devon, Devon Oaks at Wakefield, Devonwood, Dillard, Dillmark Townhomes, Dixie Forest, Dogwood Estates, Dogwood Pointe, Dominion Park, Dowling Ridge, Downing Place, Downs at Harrington Grove, Dr. Stephen C. Boone, Drawbridge, Draymoor Manor, Drayton Reserve, Drayton South, Dreamland Mobile City, Drewry Hills, Driftwood Estates, Driftwood Manor, Dublin Woods, Duckwoods, Dunbarton Pointe, Dunhall Commons, Dunleith at Wakefield Plantation, Dunnsmoor, Duraleigh Square, Duraleigh Woods Apartments, Durant Quarter, Durant Trails, Durston, Dutchess Village, Dutchman Creek, Dutchman Downs, Dutchman Estates, Duxbury Woods at Braeloch, Duxford, E C Clayton, Eagle Creek, Eagle Creek North, Eagle Point, Earl & Carolyn Johnson, East Parkland, Eastgate, Eastwinds at Pinecrest, Eastwood, Ebenezer Park, Echo Heights, Eden Croft, Eden Falls, Eden Forest, Edgehill Farm, Edgewater at Rogers Farm, Edgewater Townhomes, Edgewood, Edgewood at Wakefield Plantation, Edinborough Pointe, Edinburgh's Keep, Edwards Land, Edwards Mill Apartments, Edward's Mill Road, El Camino Acres, Ellendale, Ellis Alfred, Ellis Property, Emerald Chase, Emerald Point, Emerald Pointe, Emerald Village, Enchanted Oaks, Enclave @ Inman Park, Enclave at Bartons Creek, Enclave at Falls River, Enclave at Forestville Farms, Enclaves at Leesville, Englewood Village, Estates at Bartons Creek, Estates at Smith Crossing, Estates of Harrington Grove, Ethan's Glen, Evans Estates, Evans Mill, Evans Pines, Everett, Everett & Smith Land, Evergreen, Evian at Neuse Crossing, Evian Heights at Heron Park, Faircroft, Fairfax Hills, Fairfield, Fairfield Place Condominiums, Fairgate Apartments, Fair-Ground Park, Fairmont, Fairview Acres, Fairview Hills, Fairview Park, Fairway Acres, Fairway North, Fairway Ridge, Fairways at Wildwood Green, Fairways of Lochmere, Fairwinds at Lochmere, Faison Estates, Falcone Pointe, Falconers Ridge, Falls Church, Falls Pointe, Falls Preserve, Falls Reserve, Falls Ridge West, Falls River, Falls River Townhomes, Farm Chemicals, Inc., Farmington Woods, Farmington Woods of Kildaire Farms, Farmridge, Farmwood Acres, Farren Forest, Farrior Hills, Farrior Place, Fendol Farms, Fernwood, Ferrell, Fieldcross at Eaglechase, Fieldstone Crossing, Fieldstream Farm, Finley Crest, Firestone at Hedingham, Fisher Heights, Fisher's Creek, Five Points Village, Floyd L. Young, Forest Acres, Forest Creek, Forest Hills, Forest Mill, Forest Park, Forest Park at Cimarron, Forest Ridge, Forest Trail Estates, Forestbrook, Forestville Farms, Four Acres, Fox Chase, Fox Glen, Fox Hills, Fox Hollow, Fox Ridge Manor Apartments, Fox Road Townhomes, Fox Run, Fox Run Apartments, Fox Run Development Property, Foxcroft, Foxfire, Foxhall Village Mobile Home Park, Frank Presnell Property, Franklin Chase, Franklin Heights, Franklin Street Townhomes, French Drive, Fuller Heights, G. H. Jordan, Gadland Court Townhomes, Gardens of Alyson Pond, Gardens of Glenwood Condominiums, Garner Place Townhomes, Gateway Townhomes at Brier Creek, Gatewood, George Charity Land, George Wheelous, Georges Grant, Georgetown, Georgetown North Condominiums, Gipson Pond, Glade at Harrington Grove, Gladys T Nichols, Glascock Manor Apartments, Glen at Harrington Grove, Glen Eden, Glen Eden Townes, Glen Forest, Glen Laurel, Glen Stone at Wakefield, Glen Valley, Glenbrook Crossing Apartments, Glendale, Glenkirk, Glenlake Gardens, Glenlake South, Glenmere, Glenoe-on-Ferry, Glenridge, Glenwood, Glenwood North Townhomes, Glenwood Station Townhomes, Glora G. Cason, Glosson Estates, Golden Forest, Golf Course Drive, Goode-Branch Townhomes, Goodwood, Governors Court Townhomes, Governors Forest Apartments, Governor's Point, Governor's Point Apartments, Governor's Row, Graedon, Gralyn, Grand Cypress at Hedingham, Grand Traverse at Hedingham, Granite Acres, Granite Crest, Granite Falls, Granite Ridge, Grayson, Grayson Creek, Green Acres, Green Land, Green Park, Inc. Property, Green Pines, Green Valley, Greenbrier Estates, Greenbrier Townhomes, Greenbrook Farms, Greenbrook Park, Greencastle, Greencastle Apartments, Greenpark Towns, Greenspointe at Wakefield, Greenwood Acres, Greenwood Farms, Greenwood Forest, Gresham Hills, Gresham Trace, Greyhawk, Grey's Landing, Greystone, Greystone Park, Greythorne, Greywalls at Trego, Griffis Glen, Grosvenor Gardens Apartments, Grove, Grove Estates, Grove Park - Bellemeade, Grove Park - Lakeside, Grove Park - Linkside, Grove Park - Northlake, Grove Park - Southshore, Grove Park - Waters Edge, Grove Pointe, Grove View, Groves Edge, Guard Hill, H. B. Arnold, H. B. Bagwell, Hadleigh, Haig Point at Hedingham, Haithcock Farms, Hamilton Heights, Hamilton Ridge Apartments, Hampstead Park, Hampton Hills, Hampton Oaks, Hampton Park, Hampton Pointe, Hamstead Crossing, Hanover Place, Harbour Town, Harbourgate, Harps Mills Woods, Harrington Grove, Harrington Meadows, Harrington Pines, Harrington Pointe Cluster Townhomes, Harris Crossing, Harrison Place, Harry O. Cartier Property, Hartland, Hartwell, Harvest Ridge, Hawthorne, Hawthorne At The Parkway, Hawthorne Edinburgh Park, Hayes Barton, Hayes Barton Terrace, Hazelwood, Hearthridge, Hearthstone Farms, Heath Ridge Village, Heatherbrook, Heatherbrook Townhomes, Heatherstone, Heatherstone West, Heathrow Durant Trace, Heavenridge, Hedgemoor, Hedingham on the Neuse, Hedingham Village, Heirs of Grace O. Cooper, Hemlock Ridge, Henley, Henry R. Adams, Heritage Arbor, Heritage Crest Townhomes, Heritage East, Heritage Fairview Townhomes, Heritage Heights, Heritage Links Townhomes, Heritage Manor, Heritage North at Heritage Wake Forest, Heritage Oaks, Heritage Place Townhomes, Heritage Point, Heritage Reserve, Heritage South at Heritage Wake Forest, Heritage Spring Acres, Heritage Spring Townhomes at Heritage Wake Forest, Heritage Trace Townhomes at Heritage Wake Forest, Heritage Village Apartments, Heritage Wake Forest, Hermitage at Beechtree Apartments, Hermitage Park, Herndon Estate, Herndon Village, Heron Park, Hertford Village, Hess, Hickory Hills, Hickory Hollow, Hickory Meadows, Hickory Ridge, Hidden Cove Mobile Estates, Hidden Creek, Hidden Hollow, Hidden Valley, Hidden Valley North, High Meadows, High Meadows at Kildaire Farms, Highgate Park, Highland Creek Preserve, Highland Forest, Highland Gardens, Highland Oaks, Highland Park, Highland Village, Highland Village Apartments, Highlands on the Bluffs, Highlands on the Lakes, Highlands West, Hillbrook, Hillsborough Street Residential Condominiums, Hillsdale Forest, Hillstrom, Hi-Mount, Hinton, Historic Oakwood, Hocutt-Sherron Road, Holden Ridge, Holding Ridge, Holiday Estates, Hollenden Place Apartments, Holloway, Holly Bluffs, Holly Hills Estate, Holston Lane, Home Acres, Home Gardens, Homemont, Homeplace, Homestead, Homestead Village Mobile Home Park, Honey lane, Honeycutt Ridge, Honeytree Apartments, Hope Valley, Hope Valley Townhouses, Hopedale, Hopkins West, Horseshoe Bend, Horseshoe Mobile Home Park, Hostetler Street, Hunt Mobile Home Park, Hunter Hills, Hunter Park, Hunters Bluff, Hunters Bluff - Lakeside, Hunters Chase Apartments, Hunters Creek, Hunters Creek West, Hunters Crossing, Hunters Glen North, Hunters Glen South, Hunter's Knoll, Hunters Landing, Hunter's Mark, Hunters Meadow, Hunters Ridge Estates, Huntingwood Estates, Huntley, Hyde Park, Hymettus Woods, Idlewild, Idlewood Village, Imperial Estates, Inman Park, Inverrary, Inwood Forest, Iron Gate, Isabelle Bowen Henderson House and Garden, Ivy Creek Townhomes, Ivy Hall, Ivy Meadows, J. D. Goldston, J. M. Provost Property, J. M. Thompson Land, J. O. Edwards, J. O. Stanton Land, J. T. Williamson, J. W. Belch, Jacqueline Place, Jade Tree, James and Ann Shoaf, James Bailey, Jamison's Run, Jasmine Ridge, Jeffrey A. Theys, Jeffrey and Barbara Miller, Jeffreys Land at Millbrook, Jessie Penny Farmer, Jimmie E. Wall, Joe Louis Park, Joe S. Jones, Jr., John & Lacy Buffaloe, John & Mary Howie, John Buffaloe, Jr., John E. and Mae Piland Property, John H. Anderson, John Ligon Estate, John M. Arnold, John S. Howie, John S. Proctor, Jr., John W. Ryan Property, John Wimbish Property, John's Pointe, Jones Dairy Farm, Jones Grant Urban Flats, Junction Six Forks Apartments, Jupiter Hills, Kelly Heights, Kensington at Regency, Kent Hundred, Kentwood, Kevin King and Nable King Property, Kilarney Pointe, Kilarney Woods, Kildaire Farms
Asbury, Brier Creek, Caraleigh, Crabtree Valley, Five Points, Glenwood South, Lake Anne, Lake Lynn, Leesville, Method, Milburnie, Millbrook, Mini City, New Hope, North Hills, North Raleigh, Oberlin, Seaboard Station, Six Forks, Southeast Raleigh, Southwest Raleigh, Walnut Creek, Warehouse District, West Raleigh, Westover, Wilders Grove
Arrowood, Bayleaf, Falls, Forestville, Isle Forest, Kildaire Farms, Knollwood, Lynn Crossroads, Macedonia, MacGregor Park, Markwood, Mount Vernon, Neuse Crossroads, Northwoods, Orchards, Pet Crossroads, Piney Plains, Six Forks Crossroads, Tysonville, Wake Crossroads, Walkers Crossroads, Weston, Wyatt
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