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Shows major geographical features such as coastline, water bodies, railroads, highways, buildings, etc. The content is a perfect data source for a large scale map. The layers consist of feature groups (e.g., Buildings -> Accommodation, Commercial, etc.) that makes customization much easier.


You receive fully-editable and feature layered map in the following formats.

Map data: © OpenStreetMap contributors.
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AI (CS4), PDF (v1.5), PNG
246.8 x 235.4 cm (97.2″ x 92.7″)
10011 x 9547 px
246.8 x 235.4 cm (97.2″ x 92.7″)


Coordinates 36° 26' 49'' N | 128° 4' 2'' E

Transverse Mercator (WGS 84 / UTM zone 52N)


Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines


Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines

Mungyeong-si, Sangju-si
Cheongni-myeon, Cheongsan-myeon, Dogae-myeon, Euncheok-myeon, Gaeun-eup, Gonggeom-myeon, Gongseong-myeon, Hamchang-eup, Hogye-myeon, Hwabuk-myeon, Hwadong-myeon, Hwanam-myeon, Hwanggan-myeon, Hwaseo-myeon, Ian-myeon, Jangan-myeon, Jungdong-myeon, Maro-myeon, Modong-myeon, Moseo-myeon, Mueul-myeon, Naeseo-myeon, Nakdong-myeon, Nongam-myeon, Oenam-myeon, Oeseo-myeon, Okseong-myeon, Pungyang-myeon, Sabeolguk-myeon, Sanyang-myeon, Seonsan-eup, Songnisan-myeon, Yeongsun-myeon, Yonggung-myeon, Yongsan-myeon...
Acheon-ri, Angok-ri, Anyong-ri, Baegun-ri, Baekhak-ri, Baekjajeon-ri, Baekja-ri, Baekjeon-ri, Bangok-ri, Ban-gok-ri, Bangye-ri, Beophwa-ri, Biryong-ri, Bomi-ri, Bongbi-ri, Bongchon-ri, Bonggang-ri, Bonggok-ri, Bongjeong-ri, Bongjung-ri, Bongsang-ri, Bongsan-ri, Bongseo-ri, Buam-ri, Bugam-ri, Bugok-ri, Bukjang-ri, Bulmok-ri, Bunhwang-ri, Buram-ri, Bureung-ri, Byeondun-ri, Byeongam-ri, Byeoram-ri, Cheokdong-ri, Cheonggok-ri, Cheongha-ri, Cheonghwa-ri, Cheongsang-ri, Cheong-un-ri, Cheonjak-ri, Chogok-ri, Choo-ri, Daeeun-ri, Daehyeon-ri, Daejeon-ri, Daejo-ri, Daepo-ri, Daesang-ri, Daeseong-ri, Daewon-ri, Daeyang-ri, Dalcheon-ri, Dalji-ri, Deokchon-ri, Deokdam-ri, Deokga-ri, Deokgok-ri, Deokgye-ri, Deokji-ri, Deoksan-ri, Deoktong-ri, Deuksu-ri, Doan-ri, Dogok-ri, Dohwa-ri, Dokdong-ri, Donggwan-ri, Dongmak-ri, Dongsan-ri, Dugok-ri, Dureung-ri, Eomam-ri, Eosan-ri, Eupbu-ri, Gacheon-ri, Gado-ri, Gaean-ri, Gaegok-ri, Gagok-ri, Gajang-ri, Galdong-ri, Galjeon-ri, Galma-ri, Galmok-ri, Galpyeong-ri, Gamak-ri, Gansang-ri, Gasan-ri, Gaya-ri, Geochang-ri, Geumcheon-ri, Geumdang-ri, Geumgok-ri, Geumgye-ri, Geumheun-ri, Geumnam-ri, Geumnim-ri, Geumsan-ri, Gidae-ri, Gimyong-ri, Goedang-ri, Gogok-ri, Gongdeok-ri, Gosan-ri, Guam-ri, Gubong-ri, Gubyeong-ri, Guchon-ri, Guhyang-ri, Gujam-ri, Gumi-ri, Gunggi-ri, Gusan-ri, Guseo-ri, Gwagok-ri, Gwandong-ri, Gwangi-ri, Gwanhyeon-ri, Gyeontan-ri, Gyochon-ri, Gyopyeong-ri, Gyo-ri, Hacho-ri, Hagal-ri, Haheul-ri, Hajang-ri, Hakha-ri, Hanae-ri, Hangok-ri, Hanjung-ri, Hapung-ri, Hasong-ri, Heugam-ri, Heuksong-ri, Heungcheon-ri, Heunhyo-ri, Heunpyeong-ri, Hoepo-ri, Hoesang-ri, Hoeum-ri, Hwadal-ri, Hwadong-ri, Hwahyeon-ri, Hwajo-ri, Hwangnyeong-ri, Hwangsan-ri, Hwasan-ri, Hyangseok-ri, Hyeongcheon-ri, Hyeon-ri, Hyogal-ri, Hyogok-ri, Hyomok-ri, Ian-ri, Ibam-ri, Icheon-ri, Ichon-ri, Idong-ri, Ihwa-ri, Imgok-ri, Imhan-ri, Imok-ri, Inchang-ri, Injeong-ri, Ipseok-ri, Ipyeong-ri, Iso-ri, Jakcheon-ri, Jangam-ri, Jang-am-ri, Jangdong-ri, Janggok-ri, Jangsong-ri, Jeo-eum-ri, Jeogam-ri, Jeon-gok-ri, Jeongsan-ri, Jeongyang-ri, Jeungchon-ri, Jidong-ri, Jijeon-ri, Jinae-ri, Jinjeong-ri, Jipyeong-ri, Jisan-ri, Jisa-ri, Jondo-ri, Jonggok-ri, Jua-ri, Jugam-ri, Jukjang-ri, Jungbeol-ri, Jungmun-ri, Jungnul-ri, Jungpan-ri, Jungso-ri, Maegeum-ri, Maeho-ri, Maehyeop-ri, Magong-ri, Makgok-ri, Mansu-ri, Mareung-ri, Masan-ri, Mijeon-ri, Minji-ri, Mokga-ri, Mudeung-ri, Mugok-ri, Mu-i-ri, Muji-ri, Mukha-ri, Muksang-ri, Mullyang-ri, Munam-ri, Munchang-ri, Munmu-ri, Mureung-ri, Musu-ri, Myeongti-ri, Naegok-ri, Naeseo-ri, Nahan-ri, Nakdong-ri, Nakjeong-ri, Naksang-ri, Nakseo-ri, Namgok-ri, Nangok-ri, Neungam-ri, Nongam-ri, Nongmun-ri, Nongso-ri, Noryu-ri, Nosang-ri, Odong-ri, Oga-ri, Ogwang-ri, Oji-ri, Okgwan-ri, Oksan-ri, Oryong-ri, Osang-ri, Osa-ri, Otae-ri, Paldeung-ri, Pangok-ri, Pansu-ri, Ponae-ri, Posang-ri, Pungjeong-ri, Pungsin-ri, Pyeongcheon-ri, Pyeongji-ri, Pyeongon-ri, Pyeongsan-ri, Sadam-ri, Saenggok-ri, Saengsong-ri, Sageun-ri, Sahyeon-ri, Sambang-ri, Samdeok-ri, Samgang-ri, Samga-ri, Samgoe-ri, Sampo-ri, Samsong-ri, Sanae-ri, Sanchon-ri, Sangchon-ri, Sanggok-ri, Sanghyeon-ri, Sango-ri, Sangpan-ri, Sangsin-ri, Sangsong-ri, Sangyong-ri, Sanhyeon-ri, Sanjeo-ri, Sannae-ri, Santaek-ri, Sasan-ri, Sejung-ri, Seojung-ri, Seoksan-ri, Seoman-ri, Seongdong-ri, Seongjeo-ri, Seongok-ri, Seongyo-ri, Seong-yu-ri, Seowon-ri, Seunggok-ri, Sinam-ri, Sinan-ri, Sinbong-ri, Sincheon-ri, Sinchon-ri, Sindeok-ri, Sin-gi-ri, Sin-gok-ri, Sinhang-ri, Sinheung-ri, Sinjeong-ri, Sinjeon-ri, Sino-ri, Sinsang-ri, Soam-ri, So-eun-ri, Sogok-ri, Sojeong-ri, Song-am-ri, Songbuk-ri, Songhyeon-ri, Songji-ri, Songjuk-ri, Songsam-ri, Sosang-ri, Soyeo-ri, Subong-ri, Sujeong-ri, Sumun-ri, Susang-ri, Suye-ri, Taebong-ri, Toegang-ri, Ubon-ri, Ugi-ri, Uha-ri, Uigok-ri, Uiji-ri, Umae-ri, Umang-ri, Umul-ri, Ungbuk-ri, Unggok-ri, Unheung-ri, Unpyeong-ri, Uro-ri, Usan-ri, Wangneung-ri, Wangtae-ri, Waryong-ri, Wiman-ri, Wollim-ri, Wollo-ri, Wonchon-ri, Wonheung-ri, Wonjang-ri, Wonjeong-ri, Won-ri, Woro-ri, Yakseok-ri, Yangbeom-ri, Yangjeong-ri, Yangji-ri, Yegok-ri, Yeju-ri, Yeokgok-ri, Yeomul-ri, Yeonbong-ri, Yeoncheon-ri, Yeong-o-ri, Yeonso-ri, Ye-ui-ri, Yongam-ri, Yongan-ri, Yongdam-ri, Yongho-ri, Yongpo-ri, Yongsan-ri, Yongsin-ri, Yongyu-ri, Yugok-ri, Yulgok-ri, Yullim-ri, Yul-ri, Yulsu-ri, Yunjik-ri, 서원리
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