Tuscaloosa Vector Map

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Shows major geographical features such as coastline, water bodies, railroads, highways, buildings, etc. The content is a perfect data source for a large scale map. The layers consist of feature groups (e.g., Buildings -> Accommodation, Commercial, etc.) that makes customization much easier.


You receive fully-editable and feature layered map in the following formats.

Map data: © OpenStreetMap contributors.
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AI (CS4), PDF (v1.5), PNG
115.7 x 125.2 cm (45.6″ x 49.3″)
6883 x 7445 px
115.7 x 125.2 cm (45.6″ x 49.3″)


Coordinates 33° 12' 34'' N | 87° 31' 30'' W

Transverse Mercator (NAD83 / UTM zone 16N)


Administrative Boundaries, Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Line Features, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines


Administrative Boundaries, Aeroways, Area Features, Background, Buildings, Landuse/Natural Areas, Line Features, Railroads, Roads, Roads\Railroads Tunnels, Water Areas, Water Lines

Fonts Arial
Data Sources OpenStreetMap
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18.14 MB
3.73 MB
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Northport, Tuscaloosa
Acadian Place, Arlington Drive, Arlington Mobile Home Park, Arrow Wood, Audubon Place, Banks Villa East, Bar Wayne Circle, Beech Hills, Bellview Heights, Bent Tree, Berkley Hills, Broadview, Brookhaven, Brooksdale, Buena Vista, Burks Garden, Camellia Park, Canyon Lakes, Cedar Crest, Cedar Knoll, Cherokee Hills, Cherry Dale, Circlewood, Clearview Hills, Cloverdale, College Hills, Cottonwood Park, Country Club Gables, Country Club Hills, Coventry, Dearing Place, Deven Dale, Dixon Manor, East Arlington, East End, Eastover, Eastwood Villa, Echo Hill, El Dorado East, Fairway Drive, Fernridge, Fernwood, Fitts Heights, Forest Hills, Glendale Gardens, Glenwood Park, Green Hills, Green Valley, Greenbriar, Greenview, Harbrooke Downs, Hays Court, Hickory Forest, Hillcrest, Historic Downtown Northport, Hollywood Park, Howton Subdivision, Hurricane Hills, Idlewood, Ingleside Village, Jerusalem Heights, Kicker Subdivision, Kings Acres, Kyles Subdivision, La Vera, Lake Forest, Lake Shore, Lakeview, Laurel Hills, Lincoln Park, Livingston Subdivision, Lynn Haven, Lynwood Park, Mayfair, Meadow Lawn, Meadowbrook, Mimosa Highlands, Mimosa Manor, Morayshire Estates, Neptune's Cove, Nichol Hills, Norris Circle, Norris Estates, Oak Ridge, Oakdale, Oxford Gate, Parkside, Parkview, Parkwood, Patton Place, Pine Hills, POW Camp (Historical), Princeton Heights, Princeton Place, Rosedale, Rosedale Apartments, Sahama Village, Skyland Manor, Snow Terrace, Sommerville, South Park, Southwood, Spring Brook, Sutton Place, Terri Wood, The Downs, The Glens, The Highlands, The Staffords, University Lane, University Manor, University Place, Valley View, Washington Square, West Haven, Willow Ridge, Wood Manor, Woodland Hills, Woodland Park, Woodland Pines, Woodland Terrace
Cottondale, Holt, West End
Academy Drive, Alberta City, Alberta Heights, Alpine Hills, Altamont, Arcadia, Asbury, Ashland, Austin Subdivision, Belle Meade, Bellwood, Berkshire Estates, Beverley Heights, Birdway Drive, Biscayne Hills, Booth Estates, Box Springs, Braelin Village, Brentwood, Briarcliff, Briarwood, Bristol Park, Brookmeade, Brookside, Buckhead, Cadillac Estates, Camile Terrace, Candlelight Terrace, Candlewood, Carolwood, Carolwood Estates, Carter Subdivision, Chapelwood, Cherrywood, Chestnut Hill, Claymont, Clear Creek Colony, Cloverdale, Cloverdale Estates, Clyde Jones Subdivision, Colonial Hills, Colony Hills, Covey Chase, Crabtree Downs, Cresent Heights, Crestdale, Crestmont, Crestview, Crestwood, Crown Pointe, Cumberland Park, Deep Wood, Deerfield, Druid Hills, Dunbrook, Durrett Grove, Dutton Place, East Circle, East Lake, East Park, Eastern Hills, Elm Ridge, Englewood, Englewood Meadows, Fairlawn, Fields Crossing, Flatwoods, Fleetwood, Forest Glen, Forest Manor, Forest Trail, Forestasia, Fox Run, Gardendale, Georgena Terrace, Glen Crest, Golden Acres, Graceland Acres, Grand Arbor, Grand Pointe, Green Grove, Guilds Woods, Hamner Estates, Harbor Ridge, Harper Subdivision, Harperwood, Hartford, Hazelhurst, Heritage Hills, Hidden Meadows, High Forest, High Point, Highland Manor, Highland Park, Hightown, Hillcrest Gardens, Hillcrest Meadows, Hillsdale, Hillswood, Hillview, Hinton Gardens, Huntington Place, Huntington Village, Huntland, Indian Hills, Indian Lake, Juanita Drive, Judson Park, Keenewood, Kennedy Park, Lake Crest, Lake Front Village, Lakeridge, Lakeview Estates, Lakewood, Lauderhill, Laurel Wood, Lavelle Woods, Lavender Acres, Lenox South, Lexington Downs, Little Sandy, Loganwood, Magnolia Park, Manora Estates, Mariners Cove, Monte Vista, Monterey Drive, Montgomery Farms, Monticello Estates, Monticello Two, Murphy Place, North Hampton, North Valley Acres, Northbrook, Northcliff, Northcrest, Northriver, Northwood Forest, Northwood Lake, Oak Grove, Old Mill Trace, Oliver Heights, Peach Grove, Pearson Subdivision, Peterson, Pine Park, Pinedale, Pinehurst, Poes Acres, Raintree Country, Regal Pointe, Remington, Reston Place, Ridgeland, Riverchase, Riverdale, Rivermont, Riverside Circle, Riverview, Riverwood, Rollingwood, Roselawn, Rosewood, Royal Pines, Running Brook, Saratoga Estates, Sartains Ridgecrest Subdivision, Shamley Green, Sherwood, Sherwood Forest, Shirley Farms, Signal Hill, Simpson Subdivision, Sky Ranch, Skyland Park, Smith Acres, Smoke Rise, South Holt, South Holt Highlands, South Ridge, Springhill Lake, Standridge, Stokes, Summerfield, Sycamore, Taylor Circle, Taylorville, Taylorville Heights, Taylorwood Estates, Telmar Subdivision, The Arbor, The Forest, The Gates of Wellington, The Oaks, The Ridges of Wellington, The Summit, The Terrace at Northcreek, The Vineyards, Thorndale, Three Branches Estates, Timberlane, Trestle Square, Twin Manor, Vestavia East, Vestavia Hills, Walker Subdivision, Warrior Heights, Waterford, Waterford Place, Wensa Place, West Circle, Western Plains, Westridge, Westview, Whispering Hills, Windsor Drive, Wood Estates, Wood Village, Wood Villas, Woodland Forest, Woodmont, Woodridge, Yacht Club Bay
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